North Sikkim Tour is that the most spectacular experience of Nature  . North Sikkim is totally different place in India. The Northern part of the Sikkim state is  the marvel of Nature of the planet. The coldest, prettiest northern zone of Sikkim features a wild celestial beauty which nobody can’t resist from that . The white snowy mountain top, vibrant waterfalls, active rivers, majestic lakes and also the vivid flora and fauna have the capability to make spellbind its visitors with its spectacular Natural untouched beauty during this region. North Sikkim Tour organized by Himalayan Destination will create your vacation unforgettable one, as we  are specialist in this sector and  we provide hotels The Sunrise Residency at Gangtok additionally. Himalayan Destination is one in all the most effective North Sikkim tour and travel operator, who organize North Sikkim Tour.

Lachung is a very small region , as if a hamlet.  It is located on the banks of the Lachung river, Lachung is that the absolute best destination for people who extremely love nature. Lachung means the tiny pass. it’s near to the Xizang border and provide picturesque view  to the tourists . Lachung is known for its fruit production…apples, peaches and apricots area unit found in abundance there.

The Lachung Gompa / Lachung religious residence is one in all the first attractions of this tiny hamlet. This ancient religious residence was built in 1880 and it lies amidst a luscious grove. you’ll simply acknowledge the religious residence because it has 2 identical metal dragons and big prayer wheels. strive walking through the village to the monastery… it’s a brief walk and you get to visualize several sights on the method.

Little Yumthang valley is famous for it’s wonderful sceneries. Yumthang is  at elevation of 11,800 ft and twenty eight Km.from Lachung. The valley of Yumthang is accepted for its hot Springs and  gorgeous Rhododendrons. Yumthang is confined by mountains wherever the timberline ends. A little tributary of Teesta flows besides Yumthang valley and there’s a hot spring with medicinal properties . En-route to Yumthang valley visitors may see numerous natural streams together with some glorious views of peaks of Pauhunri and Shundi. In Late March to Late Apr the valley looks like heaven.  During this season Rhododendrons, herbaceous plant and lots of alternative Alpine Flowers are completely bloomed . During the winter months, Yumthang is covered with snow  and also the snow clad mountains adding to the real beauty.

Yumesamdong or zero point  is located at  twenty six kilometers North from the Yumthang valley. Impressive views of chain of mountains with snow clapped attracts the tourists to enjoy Zero Point  .Snow is found here during the month of May .  Tungabhadra Shiva temple is one among the foremost magnificent place where always tranquility exist .

Singhba rhododendron Sanctuary is situated on the way to Yumthang from Lachung. Total space of this sanctuary is over 43sq. km. This Sanctuary is the home of forty two types of  rhododendron. This Sanctuary is additionally referred to as the valley of Flowers of North Sikkim. Visitors always get the assistance of  trained guide to enjoy this place. In Late March to Late April the valley gets back it’s beauty because Rhododendrons, herb and lots of alternative Alpine Flowers are fully bloomed.

Phuni valley, is one  of the loveliest undiscovered adventurous destinations in Northern Republic of India, Phuni is simply twenty kilometer far away from Lachung.The snow covers Phuni in all winter, beautiful mild slopes & an altitude of 11,500 feet makes it a beautiful destination for ski lovers across the world. The SMA (Sikkim climb Association) organizes Ice athletics Festivals at Phuni each March for fifteen days to popularize this sport among tourists.

Katao is one of the most important popular visited place at North Sikkim,located at an altitude of nearly 15000 ft. Staying at Lachung for the visitors ,it is easy to visit Katao .  A military check-post is nearby. Katao Valley is around 24 kilometers from Lachung. The trip to Katao is not in the standard packages of North Sikkim or Lachung tour. Guest has to pay additional cost for visit the place. Please note that it is quite difficult to do Yumthang Valley, Zero Point & Katao in a same day and return back to Gangtok. If someone have not much time to spend in Lachung and also have interest for Katao, Yumthang & Zero Point, then only one solution as follows. One has to stay or reach Lachung on the previous night. Next day morning first visit Katao then back to Lachung and take breakfast then proceed towards Yumthang Valley & Yumesamdong / Zero Point and return to Gangtok. Infrastructure is poor due to the remoteness of the area. Sikkim is very close to Peoples Republic of China’s border and the Defense establishment tends to keep things under a very tight leash. Hence it is very difficult to get individual permissions for visiting these areas. As long as you move in groups (More than one guest) under the guidance of tour operators its manageable.

Lachen means broad Pass with full of stunning scenic beauty. Lachen become a tourist’s destination like Lachung  therefore Lachen is containing incredible natural beauty .  In summers the annual Yak race takes place here and that’s a perfect time to go to. The Lachen Gompa / Lachen cloister presides over this tiny hamlet and luscious forests . Snow clad peaks are simply visible here and during the spring many sorts of flowers make the place colourful .

Thangu is at elevation of  14,000 ft.To reach this place from Lachen , by road the time will be taken 3hours .it’s a tiny Village. Thangu valley is a broad natural depression at the junction of Thangu Chu, Chopta Chu and Lassur Chu. In the early Summer months visitors could be fascinated by so many types of Rhododendrons, herbaceous plants .  Alpine flowers are fully bloomed. during the winter you’ll be able to play within the snow or maybe beat frozen rivers.

Chopta valley is popularly reffered to as mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand .  it’s rather a barren and austere landscape that appears exotic.It is the all-year destination .  During the spring the valley becomes colorful. Chopta valley is base for the acute high altitude trek. Rare endemic species of flora and fauna are found in Chopta valley .  The colourful  Monals, Flycatchers, Whistling Thrush, Warblers are some of the attractive birds found here .

Kala Patthar is an offbeat destination in North Sikkim. It is located at an elevation of 16942 foot. it’s a notable landmark  on the south ridge of Pumori in the Nepalese Himalayas above Gorakshep.This place is surrounded by black rocks. There is no habitation can be seen in this region because of unfavourable climatic condition.  Though it’s not a proper mountain, with  10 m (33 ft) The views of Mt. Everest, mountain peak and Changtse ar spectacular from Kala Patthar and there are glimpses of the northern flank and summit of Mt. Lhotse. would like special permission for visit this place. Less traveler visit this place thanks to allow inaccessibility.

Gurudongmar is the highest pristine lake in the world. It is located at an elevation of 17800ft . The local belief is once Guru Padmasambhava who  visited here in the eighth century. The revered Nanak had  visited here in the fifteenth century, for that reason this  lake is treated as a holy lake.  The lake is whitish in color throughout the year and it’s believed that Guru Padmasambhava touched the lake while he visited Tibet from this space via Thangu. The Gurundongmar Lake is sustained by glaciers & as well as additional supply is coming from Teesta stream.   Gurudongmar is thronged with Blue Sheep, Yaks and alternative species of life.

Below 10 years and above 60 years people can’t go to Gurudongmar Lake. They can  take rest at the place en-route of Gurudongmar Lake named Cafeteria 15000 / 15000 Cafeteria (just 15 km before of Gurudongmar Lake) and known as World Highest Cafeteria.


Note that the majority of the place of North Sikkim settled in high altitude and therefore the air has rarefied oxygen levels .Therefore you would like to acclimatise yourself at base camps &gradually increase your night keep. Avoid long stretches of travel that involve forceful shifts within the oxygen levels in air. Avoid an excessive amount of physical activity for very long time & specially notice on your kids and senior persons. you furthermore might have to be compelled to travel during a durable vehicle sort of a auto because the roads are largely rocky and filled with sharp turns. It is need to hire  a decent driver and vehicle from a acknowledged Tour & travel agency for exploring North Sikkim .

No foreigners are allowed to the Yumesomdong  / Zero Pint, Mt. Katao, Lachen & Gurudongmar Lake. But they can enjoy only at Lachung and Yumthang Valley. 

Best time to visit

North Sikkim can’t accessible for 365 days. So you have to considered about the that before planning to visit North Sikkim.

In January – February

From January to February the negative temperature exists in the mountainous region of North Sikkim .  Valley’s weather is pleasant and sunny with clear views of the incredible Himalaya. Due to negative temperatures, gradually no.of tourists are decreased during that period .

High altitude area specially Lachen, Gurudongmar Lake, Yumthang Valley roads are covered with  heavy snow. Problem to get permit on this area. Night stay option may available at Lachung but other parts are may be not accessible. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy chilled  weather and heavy snow. Night temperature mostly goes to negative. Travelers may arrested by snow in this time in high altitude. Travelers may visit in this time with sufficient buffer day. We will not suggest to visit North Sikkim in this season.

In March

Snow melting starts from March in North . Temperature mostly remain negative at night & mountains remain covered with ice . The valleys are warmer and sunny with clear views of the incredible Himalaya.Due to negative temperatures, gradually no.of tourists are decreased during that period . Night stay at Lachen and sightseeing of Gurudongmar, Yumthang Valley & Yumesomdong / Zero Point mostly not possible due to road bockage with heavy snow and permits may not available. Generally you can get permit for nightstay at Lachung and sightseeing towards Mt. Katao in this season. You may not access entire NorthSikkim and also not suggest to visit North Sikkim in this season.

In April – May

From April to May is the ideal time to travel this region .  Weather is pleasant and the valleys are abundant in nature; especially as all the flowers start to bloom. Early April witnesses the Rhododendron, so mountain slopes become colorful. It is ideal for photographers and nature lovers. All roads are mostly open and visitors can get permit easily to visit remote areas also.

In June – September

From June to September monsoon season is existed  in Sikkim. But monsoon comes in this area little late so any one can visit till mid June. Although showers can occur at night without spoiling daytime explorations, conditions in monsoon aren’t ideal for trekking. Sightseeing is still possible – need to be  prepared with a raincoat. Views are best in the mornings . It is the best time for mountain shower lover. But landslide can be  occurred any time in a day . Need to make a suitable plan to enjoy this place .

In October

Most of the tourists (around 80%) want to visit North Sikkim in October, so plan well in advance to ensure you get your preferred accommodation and good value flights. It is ideal for enjoying stunning views and pleasant temperatures. Expected temperature will be around 25°C in the sun, but the lower temperature exists in the evenings and at higher altitudes. All roads are mostly open and visitors can get permit easily to visit remote areas also.

In November

It is ideal time for the skilled photographer. So don’t hesitate to plan in this season. This season is famous for mostly clear blue sky, anyone can spend their memorable time with your love one. All roads are mostly open and traveller can get permit easily to visit remote areas also.

In December

On December the negative temperature exists in the mountainous region of North Sikkim The valleys are warmer and sunny with clear views of the incredible Himalaya. Due to negative temperatures, gradually no.of tourists are decreased during that period . But from 20th to 31st December North Sikkim mostly overcrowded. Anyone can arrested any time at this time in high altitude & remote areas. due to sudden snow falls. We will not suggest sightseeing of Gurudongmar lake at this time.

Please note that several parts of North Sikkim falls under protected area and you need a special permit / Inner Line Permit (ILP) and suggested go with a trusted / reliable Tour & Travel agencies only.

Please visit and let us give the opportunity to serve you and make your vacation memorable one……..

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