The Silk Route we know now is an off-shoot of the ancient silk route whose mentions are in the history. The Silk Route was one of the biggest reasons for the amalgamation of different cultures and traditions in the past. It was through this route, that the process of Globalization took place. However, it has become a remarkable tourist destination that encompasses several regions of Asia. It includes the east and west of India, China, Pakistan, and beyond the Mediterranean sea. The silk route tour part passing through India includes places such as Tamluk, Nathu La, Lhasa, Sikkim, and more. This route is the one that connects the east to the sea. The road is more than 6000 km and was once used for trading of gold, copper, sugar, and more. That’s the reason, it became the world’s first information superhighway!

What is the silk route tour known for?

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