Rajasthan or the ‘Home of the Rajput Rajas’ consists of India’s most majestic and marvelous palaces and forts. Back in the days, Rajasthan had several kingdoms. Each kingdom belonged to the Rajputana Kings and warriors. Still, to date, Rajasthani people have great admiration for the royal people of the state. There are many forts, palaces,  temples, markets, lakes, and more all over the state. Some of India’s best luxury hotels are in Rajasthan. Because of the charm of these places, the tourist spots in Rajasthan have been used several times in movies. However, it is also popular because of the Thar Desert. Not only that but the Rajasthani traditions, culture, and spicy vegetarian cuisine also bring tourists and travelers from all over the world. So, make sure that the Rajasthan tour package you choose includes the top royal cities!

What are the specialties of our Rajasthan Tour packages from Kolkata and Hooghly?

Rajasthan has several unique tourist destinations. It is very difficult to explore the entirety of Rajasthan within a few days. If you really wish to explore and enjoy every location, then you have to give more days! However, our Rajasthan tour packages are carefully planned so you can cover all the significant Rajasthan tourist spots within a limited time. We have some of the best tourism experts in West Bengal who made this happen. From hotel accommodation, travel to food, we have planned everything in advance. Just click on the Trip Outline button when you open a tour down below. The Trip Outline consists of all the details. Some of the cities we will cover are Jaipur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and more. However, if you wish to spend your holidays at a specific location then please let us know. All our Rajasthan tour packages are customizable.

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