The historical superb Silk Route that once connected from Republic of India with Asian country. until the primary 1/2 twentieth century before the Chinese invaded Asian country, this superb Silk Route was used heavily to trade silk, fur and wool between Asian country and Republic of India, and thus such name of the route. On the Indian aspect, the wonderful Silk route starts and goes through places like Rhenock, Rongli, Zuluk and northward to Nathang depression and Kupup. Finally Jelepla Pass was wont to reach Asian country. however since 1962, Jelepla Pass has been closed and currently the official border in between Republic of India and China during this space is Nathula Pass.

Nestling within the Himalayan mountains, the state of geographic area is characterised by mountainous piece of ground. nearly the complete state is unsmooth, with AN elevation starting from 280 meters (920 ft) to eight,586 meters (28,169 ft). The summit of Kangchenjunga—the world’s third-highest peak—is the state’s highest purpose, located on the border between geographic area and Asian country.For the foremost half, the land is unfit for agriculture thanks to the rocky, precipitous slopes. However, some hill slopes are reborn into terrace farms. Silk Route Tour organized by Himalayan Destination will create your vacation unforgettable one, as we have a tendency to square measure specialist during this sector and that we operate hotels The Sunrise Residency at Gangtok conjointly. Himalayan Destination is one in all the simplest Silk Route tour and travel operator. Himalayan Destination is one in all the simplest tour and travel operator, UN agency organize Silk Route Tour.

Iccheygaon could be a pristine Himalayan hamlet tucked at intervals the pine forests of Kalimpong with a position of Mt. Kinchinjunga. close at AN altitude of 5800 feet, it’s the right place for those nursing the soul of a nature lover. With various nature trails and short treks initiating from Iccheygaon to viewpoints like Ramitey Dara, Tinchuley and Jalsa, it’s one amongst the best-kept secrets of this region. The evenings at Iccheygaon become terribly exciting once lights of Darjeeling, Ravangla and Namchi twinkle right along the slopes of the mighty chain.


Mangkhim is that the crown adjacent to the favored destination of Aritar, within the village of Dalapchand below the Rongli Sub-Division of jap geographical area. Mangkhim offers a bird’s eye view of Mt. Kanchenjungha and therefore the emerald green “boot-shaped” Lampokhri Lake at constant time – this unimaginable view isn’t on the market from Aritar. In Mangkhim, there’s atiny low temple on the summit, a couple of homestays and a monastery, simply a leave. If you wish to pay some days in complete isolation from the city’s din with fabulous views of Mt. Kanchanjungha, then Mangkhim may be a nice alternative. Bird observation, paddle water travel and nature walking area unit alternative nice activities here.

“Mulkharkha Pokhri” or “Wish Fulfillment Lake” or “Wishing Lake” could be a natural water reservoir at an altitude of 7300ft, about to the village of Mulkharkha. an area bit on top of Darjeeling and sources there confirmed – Mulkharkha gets serious downfall throughout the winter. The lake located on high of a mountain, enclosed by pine trees, bears serenity among. One will pay hours simply sitting beside the lake. however the most attraction of that place is that the reflection of Mount Kinchinjunga in this holy lake. Being the most water supply of that space, the lake is sacred to the native Lepcha folks. Naturally, there ar many legends concerning the lake. Like, you may  realize a leaf over lake water, as a result of there’s a bird and it cleans the lake by memorizing fallen leaves.

The lake “Mulkharkha Pokhri” or “Wish Fulfillment Lake” or “Wishing Lake” thought of sacred by the locals and is named a wish Lake. it’s believed that anyone WHO makes a would like therein lake will certainly realize the would like coming back true. the ability of the lake is believed to be terribly robust and powerful.

The ideal time to go to Mulkarkha Lake is from the month of October to December. To witness a cultural event, Gregorian calendar month is another experience to go to. The villagers celebrate Ram Navami attend the lake with celebration furor. this point of the year, the lake is believed to return to life and its holiness is worshiped by the locals and therefore the villagers.

Someone will trek to Mulkharkha, the trek route to Mulkarkha Lake is one in every of the foremost exciting and untouched trails of the chain foothills. you’d stumble upon two hundred feet waterfalls, dense forests, fascinating views of Mt. Kanchenjungha, unceasing Buddhist monasteries, remote villages, many species of birds, butterflies and flowers.

me to go to Mulkharkha

If you’re in Mulkharkha between January and March, then you’ll found foggy with chilling weather.

Mulkharkha is encircled  with wild flowers from April to could you’ll get pleasure from the weather and explore the full village and lake areas.

Generally June to middle of middle of Oct is termed time of year.

Reflection of Mt. Kanchenjungha clearly visible within the lake from middle of Oct to Nov with clear and glossy weather.

From Dec winter comes and foggy weather has been started.

Padamchen could be a tiny village on the Silk Route circuit simply fourteen kms from Rongli and four kms from Zuluk, perked on a hill slope at 8000 linear unit and lined in dense forests. Padamchen experiences a really pleasant weather throughout the year and this can be one among the most reasons for its quality. If you’re not wont to biting cold and precipitation however need to expertise the hypnotic sunrise, glorious views and winding roads and valleys of this Silk Route circuit, then staying at Padamchen can be a selection. Padamchen has a number of the most effective views of the valleys and forests of this a part of geographic region and mountain chain foothills. The forests around Padamchen support a large sort of bird population and bird watchers would like to pay a number of days here. there’s a heritage Forest Resthouse at Padamchen too. you’ll be able to visit this forest resthouse to examine the picket floors, fireplace, porch and picket furnishings from the forgotten days of the lonely Forest Officers and Sahibs United Nations agency wont to travel this fashion.

Zuluk could be a little village beside a winding road. it had been once a transit purpose to the historic Silk Route from Xizang to Republic of India. there’s a neighborhood Nag Temple here. The temple contains a cave like structure and therefore the god of Ophiophagus hannan or Nag, notable Hindu legendary god is worshiped within the temple. The road through Zuluk makes virtually thirty two pin turns to achieve Lungthung, that makes it a singular engineering. there’s additionally associate degree Indian base at Zuluk, that has been used as a transit camp for the military movement to the Chinese border, a number of kilometers away.

Thambi view point is {close to|on the brink of|near to|about to|getting ready to|on the purpose of} Zuluk and it’s best read point of thirty two flip angularity ZigRoad. The thirty two flip zigzag road is that the just one in its nature within the entire range|range of mountains|chain|mountain chain|chain of mountains} range.. The Thambi view point at AN altitude of 11,200 linear unit additionally provides wonderful view of sunrise of Mt Kanchenjangha.

Gyamochen and Lungthung, The sunrise view of Gyamochen and Lungthung area unit presently 5 kms from Gnathang natural depression. the overall of Mt. Kanchenjungha selection with the complete its associated peaks area unit able to be seen from there. The sun rises on top  of Bhutan, it clears the complete of Kingdom of Bhutan and elements of China with its before time rays and reaches Mt. Kanchenjungha to revolve it cherry and you set within the center to spectator the pleasant identified “creation.” this excellent understanding preserve is witnessed from those dawn places.

Eagle’s Nest Bunker, if you’d prefer to see the most effective view of the complete eastern the Himalaya, with China, Asian nation the mountains of geographic area further as Darjeeling, the entire Mt. Kanchenjungha variety in conjunction with stream Bramhaputra roundabout from corner to corner China additionally toward the inside Republic of India, then you have got to steer mounting for 10 minutes to gain the Eagle’s Nest Bunker. this can be associate forlorn Bunker of the military and to be found well on a hill peak with a three-sixty degree whole view of the the Himalaya. You be ready to nonetheless observe bullet symbols within the bunker walls that stand the proof of the Indo-China war. inside 5 kms of Gnathang vale, those sunrise points ar ready to be got wind of inside twenty minutes from Gnathang. On the opposite hand, from additional spots during this recent Silk Route kind of like Padmachen or Zuluk, it takes solely or so one.5 hours to induce to the sunrise points.

Gnathang valley, conjointly called Nathang valleyis popularly referred to as the “ Ladakh of the Malay Archipelago, could be a high-altitude upland in East geographical area. set at associate degree altitude of 13,500 feet higher than water level and flanked by mountains on all sides, this can be a foreign valleywith a winding stream crisscrossing it. Gnathang is that the highest location to remain within the Indian a part of the recent Silk Route. it’s one in all the remotest Tibetan habitations in mountain chain. Gnathang valley typically remains lined with thick snow from January to April. The long four-month of sub-zero temperature makes the valley a chilly desert and one in all the foremost lovely elements of mountain chain. Gnathang valleyis that the most scenic destination within the whole of recent Silk Route. there’s an area Hindu temple, alittle Buddhist cloister, few houses, some migratory birds, a stream snaking through the valley and a little bridge over the stream within the distance – Gnathang is as shut as you’ll be able to get to paradise. The sunrise points of Lungthung and Gyamochen ar simply five kms from Gnathang valley . the entire of Mt. Kanchenjungha vary with all its allied peaks will be seen from here. If you wish to check the longest read of the complete jap mountain chain, with Bhutan, China, the hills of Bengal as well as Darjeeling, the complete Mt. Kanchenjungha vary and winding watercourse Bramhaputra across China and getting into Asian nation, then you have got to trek uphill for ten minutes to succeed in the Eagle’s Nest Bunker. this can be associate degree abandoned Bunker of the military and set strategically on a hill high with a 360 degree complete read of the mountain chain. you’ll be able to still see bullet marks within the bunker walls, that bears the testimony of the Indo-China war.

Tukla vale, is one in all the foremost scenic beauty place during this route. Where Mt. Kinchinjunga is a lot of nearer than alternative place. Snow clapped mountain with flat valley makes Tukla valley a lot of engaging for traveler. it’s situated four klick off from Gnathang valley.

Old Baba Mandir (which was the initial bunker of Baba Harbhajan Singh) close to Kupup Lake. there’s a noteworthy belief regarding this temple. Baba Harbhajan was associate degree Indian soldier who died close to the Nathula Pass. he’s revered by the troopers of the Indian army, who have designed a shrine in his honor. Baba is believed to possess granted favors to the soldiers, and guard every one within the inhospitable piece of ground. there’s a replacement Baba Mandir close to Changu (Tsomgo Lake) dedicated to Baba Harbhajan too. you’ll be able to additionally trek to Changala read purpose around 4 kms from Gnathang to expertise one amongst the foremost hypnotic views of stream Bramhaputra meeting stream Teesta and also the large plains of China, Bengal and Kingdom of Bhutan. Bird and Butterfly looking at in summer, once the vale is covered colors of all shades is another activity to require up. In October and Nov Gnathang valley exudes totally different colors throughout the day. you’ll be able to witness this alteration of color over the valley sitting in your homestay throughout the day. If you’re a food fanatic then you’ll be able to strive native Yak Milk Cheese (Churpi) and a few alternative fascinating ancient Tibetan Yak herder’s dishes.

Kupup lake at an altitude of 14,000ft is another known traveller place inSikkim. it’s additionally referred to as Elephant Lake as its form is simply like an elephant. The hockey Ground, The Yak golf course, the Elephant lake is main attraction in Kupup. Yak golf course is that the highest course within the world and Kupup lake hosts the athletic Game and it’s additionally the very best athletic game lake within the world. From Kupkup tourists will choose Jeelep La pass.

New Baba Mandir is new created shrine of Soldier Baba Harbhajan, who died as he fell from horse back on to a gorge whereas on duty, is popularly referred to as Baba Mandir. This mandir, set 50km aloof from Gangtok, is worshiped by native individuals additionally as army officers. This Mandir hosts all the recollections of BabaHarbhajan Singh and maintained by Indian Army.

Tsomogo Lake is additionally referred to as Tsongmo Lake or Chango Lake. it’s one in every of the foremost noted lake during this route. Altitude of this lake is 12,313ft and located 40km off from Gangtok. The lake is encircled by steep mountains that area unit coated with snow throughout winter. throughout summer the snow cowl melts and forms the supply for the lake. The lake surface reflects totally different colors with modification of seasons and is control in nice reverence by the native Sikkimese folks. The lake that remains frozen in winter season, generally extending up to May, receives an average annual precipitation of 1,183 millimetres (46.6 in) with temperatures recorded within the vary of 0–25 °C.

Rolep is placed at the bottom of Tshangu Lake and Memeantshu Lake or Menmecho Lake at the side of the Rangpo khola belt that is known for Trought fishing and pure cool water. This village is enclosed by terribly thick forest wherever verities of orchids,  then a hundred and fifty rare healthful herbs,60 to seventy species of mammals, birds, butterflies and reptiles.

Yakten is located in East Sikkim is unnoted by range Ranges, Yakten could be a stunning Hamlet. Anyone will get pleasure from the memorable jungle path and luxuriate in birds & butterfly looking at (many rare species of range birds) Yakten could be a paradise for birds and butterfly watchers , additionally rare species range of Orchid plant and flowers is knowledgeable about from Yakten village gardens.

Please note that you need Special Permits from Indian Army to enter Nimachen & above areas, which can be obtained from Rongli or Gangtok. Permit of NathuLa is not issued from Rongli Check Post. NO FOREIGN CITIZENS ARE ALLOWED PERMISSION  FOR THIS AREAS. 

Best time to visit

Though Silk Route can access throughout the year but Gnathnag is not accessible for 365 days. So you have to considered about the Gnathang accessibility for your Silk Route vacation.

In January February

From January to FebruarySilk Route  is at its coldest; particularly within the mountains, however clear skies reward those that brave the low temperatures. The valleys are hotter and sunny with clear views of the unimaginable Himalaya. because of colder temperatures, visitant numbers are lower.

High altitude region specially higher than the Phadamchen road principally closed because of heavy snow. problem for obtaining allow on this region. Night keep possibility could offered at Phadamchen however higher than Phadamchen Night keep might not doable because of unavailability. it’s ideal for those that wish chilled  weather and serious snow. Night temperature could goes to negative in high altitude  areas. Travelers could in remission by snow during this time in high altitude. Travelers could visit during this time with sufficient buffer day. we’ll not recommend night reside Zuluk & Gnathang valley .

In March

On March Silk Route is at its coldest; snow melting has started. Temperature stay negative in the dark at high altitude space. Mountains stay coated snow clapped. The valleys are hotter and sunny with clear views of the unbelievable Himalaya. because of colder temperatures, traveller numbers are going to be lower. you’ll set up at this point however you’ll stuck any time at high altitude because of snow falls. higher to set up looking to Gnathang valley rather than night keep. Road on top of Phadamchen might shut and you’ll not get allow because of snow. we’ll not recommend night lodge in Zuluk & Gnathang valley

In April – May

April and May are among the foremost popular times to travel as temperatures are pleasant and therefore the valleys are plenteous in nature; particularly as all the flowers begin to bloom. Early April  witnesses the Rhododendron, therefore mountain slope could colourful. it’s ideal for photographers and nature lovers.

In June September

June to September is monsoon season in Sikkim. however monsoon comes during this region very little late thus anybody will visit until middle June though showers will occur at the hours of darkness while not spoiling daytime explorations, conditions aren’t ideal for trekking. looking remains potential – simply be ready with a waterproof. Views are best within the mornings following night-time downpours. it’s the simplest time for mountain shower lover. however landslide will happen any time to spoil your trip. thus arrange consequently with enough buffer time.

In October

The majority of travelers (around 80%) wish to go to Silk Route in October, thus set up well earlier to confirm you get your most well-liked accommodation and smart worth flights. it’s  ideal for hiking and enjoying beautiful views and pleasant temperatures. Expect it to be around 25°C in the sun, however there’ll be cooler temperatures in the evenings and at higher altitudes.

In November

It is ideal time for those human who wish largely clear sky for photography.No need to hasitate to set up a plan during this season. This season is popular for mostly clear blue sky .  Snow Clapped mountain & less crowd thus anyone will pay their unforgettable time together with your love one.

In December

On December Silk Route is at its coldest; particularly within the mountains, however clear skies reward people who brave the low temperatures. The valleys are hotter and sunny with clear views of the unimaginable Himalaya.For the reason of colder temperatures, visitant numbers are lower. However from twentieth to thirty first December Silk Route largely overcrowded. we’ll not suggest night stay at Zuluk & Gnathang valley.

Please visit and let us give the opportunity to serve you and make your vacation memorable one……..

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