I had gone on a trip to Ladakh in the last week of May. It was a 8 days 7 nights trip which started from Srinagar where we had flown in from Kolkata via Delhi. We stayed for a night on a houseboat and the next day drove to Kargil via Sonmarg. We stayed overnight at Kargil and drove to Leh the next day . We did the local sightseeing in Leh the day after. We had plans to visit Pangong and Nubra but as my son fell ill we had to stay back in Leh for the rest of the trip before flying back from Leh.

The whole trip had been arranged by Prasun Babu . The houseboat, the hotels , the cabs both in Srinagar and Leh were excellent. Prasun Babu was always available over the phone to sort out any issues we faced with the arrangements. His local contacts both at Srinagar and at Kargil and Leh were equally nice and helpful.

Now let me tell you about the support that Prasun Babu and his local contacts gave me and my family during our crisis at Leh. I will never be able to thank them enough for what they did.

They were with us all through those days which we had to spend at Leh while my son was recovering. Even when all the hotels in Leh were overflowing with Tourists and Cars were absolutely scarce, they made arrangements for us at a really nice hotel so that we could take some rest as most of the day we were in the hospital. They arranged for a car and a driver for the entire duration and also a spare local SIM which was invaluable.

I cannot recommend Prasun Babu highly enough. He is an exceptional gentleman who is not only an excellent tour operator but has become a friend owing to his compassion for us in our crisis.

Thank you Prasun Babu.

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